Why study with us?

We will nurture you through industry best practices, our easy to understand techniques and endless class structures. We don’t control where you can teach, what you call your classes or how you deliver them. Our mission is to ensure that you finish the course feeling confident, ambitious and supported as a valued member of Barre Instructors Australia.

Passionate about autonomy

Barre instructor courses are often designed to deliver classes in a specific manner, style and structure. Barre Instructors Australia is not affiliated with any studio that requires a certain structure to be taught. BIA is passionate about autonomy as the training we provide celebrates and emphasises individuality, knowledge and confidence of you as an instructor to go out on your own and teach the way you want.

Channel your inner creativity

The creative possibilities for Barre classes are endless making it an exhilarating and rewarding profession. There really is no limit to what type of class you can create and teach. Barre Instructors Australia are dedicated to giving you the tools to be able to put together an authentic and innovative class that resonates with you as an instructor and as a person. We see this as a personal opportunity for you to use your strengths to empower your clients in your classes, leading you on the pathway to becoming a successful and leading instructor within the industry.

Committed to quality

There are solid principles and techniques that do underpin Barre classes no matter what your imagination dreams up. These techniques are the reason that Barre classes are able to not only bring amazing results to your clients, but also keep them safe. In order to raise the standard of Barre as a workout method, we believe that instructors need to be 100% committed to understanding the fundamentals of technique, alignment, sequencing, modifications and contraindications to deliver effective classes and keep their clients safe.