Who is BIA?

Barre Instructors Australia is an independent provider of training courses. Created to raise the profile of ‘Barre’ as a thriving industry via its unique, creative approach to fitness. We empower instructors with the knowledge they need to not only become confident teachers but deliver them with their own distinctive flair.

To provide a training body that allows students to gain expertise in the core concepts and fundamentals of Barre. We aim to provide an educational institute that allows students to explore and harness their innate creativity, whilst learning to incorporate elements of themselves and their interests in their classes.

We are not about cookie cutter teachers, we want you to feel empowered and confident in your teaching ability after one of our courses to go out in the world and teach the kind of Barre class that you love. No ongoing class templates needed. Once you are certified with us, you will feel ready and capable to teach a Barre class of the highest quality with your clients coming back for more.

“I have been teaching Dance, Acting, Yoga, Movement and Pilates for over twenty five years. When I discovered barre classes I realised I had finally found an outlet to share everything I felt so strongly about in one method. Barre is a fusion of so many techniques. To me, this meant that the possibilities were endless and my creative mind went into overdrive. I could make it my own, rather than stick to strict methods handed down by gurus and fore fathers. Finally, I could instruct from a place that felt connected to me.

When I set up my own studios, I soon realised how hard it was to find Barre Instructors. Not because they weren’t out there, but because a lot of the courses control what the instructors teach and weren’t utilizing the uniqueness of the individual. I wanted to create a course that would allow Barre Instructors to become a product of their own strengths and teach from a place that was authentic to them.”

-Lisa Minett