So, What is Barre?

Discover more about this unique complete body workout designed to target specific muscle groups and yield amazing results. Every day, without fail, somebody will ask me “What is Barre?”

Here is my elevator pitch to describe the ultimate workout for the female body:

Barre is a type of physical exercise that draws on the technical principles of classical Ballet, Pilates and Fitness. It is done to a kick-arse music soundtrack and may include the use of small, handheld exercise equipment.

The truth is, Barre is so much more than that and trying to describe it has always been a challenge. I have done and taught Barre classes that are influenced by Yoga, Zumba, and boxing. I have incorporated everything from wobble boards to kettle bells. There really is no limit to what types of ‘Barre Fusion’ classes you can create. There are very solid principles and techniques that underpin Barre classes, no matter what your imagination dreams up. These techniques are the reason that Barre classes are able to not only bring amazing results to your clients but also keep them safe. So here is the definition of Barre as we at BIA believe it to be:

Barre is a complete body workout that is designed to target specific muscle groups with high reps and light loading. Implementing and maintaining correct body alignment is crucial to not only avoiding injury but in achieving long lasting results. A committed and consistent Barre practice will reduce the habitual behaviours of the mind and body, and positive postural changes will occur. Exercises are done predominately standing, with the assistance of a ballet barre, making it suitable for all clients with modifications as required.

The possibilities in creating a Barre Class are endless which is why it can be so hard to define. If you can bring in elements of yoga, Pilates, dance, step classes and kick-boxing then you can create your own unique definition aligned to your own style and creativity. Our mission at BIA is to provide you with an understanding of what the elements are that make Barre so unique, and pretty fabulous!

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